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Summer enrollment process - from paper to online?

Posted By Jennifer Curran, Friday, October 6, 2017

Good morning,

Are there any schools out there who have successfully integrated their Summer online registration process with the process normally used by students to register in fall and spring? I would love some input, especially from colleges running smallish summer programs (>300 students) that include mostly their own students.

Wesleyan’s Continuing Studies office handles all aspects of Summer Session. We currently use a paper registration form, but we are working with the Registrar’s office to see if we can “normalize” the enrollment process for summer. We cannot use the exact same set-up as is normally used, but one idea under discussion would be a new, parallel system utilizing the (unused) PeopleSoft Student Schedule module. It would have a very similar look and feel. However, there are some pieces that don’t seem to be “normalizable,” for instance: 1) students must pay first; 2) students dropping courses must be followed up with personally, so that those taking out loans don’t fall below the loan eligibility limit; 3) the Student Schedule module can’t handle both manual and online enrollment (and we’d require a mix), nor does it send out email confirmations containing information and deadlines we feel that legally students should have since they have just “purchased” a course. There are more issues, but these are some examples.

If any of this sound familiar to you, I’m eager to hear how you’re tackling this! Thanks in advance for your help.

Best wishes,
Jennifer Curran
Director, Wesleyan University Continuing Studies

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Janet M. Lange says...
Posted Friday, October 6, 2017
Hi Jenny - our summer and winter terms are comprised of mostly our full time students and graduate students. They register online for these terms at the same time as they register for fall and spring, using our in house online registration system. These extra terms have their own deadlines deadlines for payments and drops. It works well for us.
Janet Lange
Bradley University
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Gary Simon says...
Posted Friday, October 6, 2017
Jenny, I don't know the PeopleSoft system, but I don't understand why your registrar can't set up summer terms in the system with their own course lists, registration/drop/add/grading dates, etc. just like your spring and fall semesters. I suggest you consult with a PeopleSoft rep that knows your system to help your registrar. It seems like the system you described is fraught with problems and confusion for students, faculty and administrators. At The University of Tampa, we are currently on a pretty antiquated system (in the process of moving to Work Day), but even here we are able to create a system term for each of our summer and winter terms, and they work just like the fall and spring. Even if PeopleSoft wants more money, my guess is the revenue you generate from summer will more than make up for that cost... and result in dramatically higher student use and satisfaction.
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John Binkley says...
Posted Friday, October 6, 2017
Jenny, We use PeopleSoft. We set up summer for the campus. If you would like for me to connect you our systems folks to explain the process, please contact me by email at

John Binkley
Associate Dean
Tseng College
California State University Northridge
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Jennifer Curran says...
Posted Friday, October 6, 2017
Dear Janet, Gary and John, Thank you for your helpful comments! We do have our session set up in PS (thank goodness!) - it's just that we can't figure out a simple, online solution to our prepay/add/drop process. We have to enroll students manually because they have to pay first. If they wish to drop a course, we must check with Financial Aid that they don't lose their loan eligibility for classes they are keeping, and then drop them manually. John, I love to speak with your systems folks if you have figured out a way to handle prepayment and loan disbursement issues with your online enrollment system. Thank you again!
Best wishes,
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John Binkley says...
Posted Friday, October 6, 2017
Hello Jennifer, We have a lot of content in the Knowledge Center on our Summer Session Website. For information about payments refer to We use a temporary enrollment protection process for financial aid If the students do not qualify for financial aid they are responsible for paying for fees associated to enrollment. The enrollment process can be reviewed at The withdrawal process can be reviewed at I don't believe we have a process for confirming financial aid prior to a students withdrawal. R2T4 may result based on the date of withdrawal.

Happy to discuss further off line if you like.
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Jennifer Curran says...
Posted Friday, October 13, 2017
Thanks for the links, your process is very clear. Thanks again for your help!
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